A Letter from NECTA President Timothy O. Wilkerson

A Letter from NECTA President Timothy O. Wilkerson

A Letter from NECTA President Timothy O. Wilkerson 

NECTA has unveiled a sweeping rebrand for our organization as we become the New England Connectivity and Telecommunications Association. Our rebrand is a complete modernization of every aspect of our association, including our new name, a brand-new website – connectingNE.com – and clear articulations of our mission, vision and values. This brand refresh sets us on a path towards an exciting, bright future. It honors our 61-year rich history while harnessing the potential of our industries and our region.   

We undertook this brand overhaul to better demonstrate our association’s impact and better amplify the dynamic work our members do every day in our region, tapping into the idea of “Connecting New England” – our new tagline. Historically, that’s what this region has always done, playing an outsized role in global technological leadership, discovery and innovation. From the invention of the telephone in Alexander Graham Bell’s Boston laboratory, to the creation of the first iteration of the internet on our college campuses, to NESN’s first-of-its-kind regional sports network direct-to-consumer streaming service, New England companies have always connected people to the content, technology and services they need.  

That is a legacy you are carrying on as we stand at an inflection point for our industries. Whether it’s bringing the region together to watch our professional sports teams compete for championships, filming period pieces in Newport, Rhode Island or Revere, Massachusetts, or building world-class broadband to rural parts of New Hampshire, Connecticut or Vermont, you are “Connecting New England.”   

Going forward, NECTA will provide more of what we do best for our current and future members: convene key stakeholders and business partners, advocate for your positions, educate the public and policymakers about our priorities, and elevate your successes.     

The rebranding process served as an exciting opportunity for reflections and discussions about the importance of this moment and what sets our industries and our association apart. Since NECTA’s founding, we have seen the evolution from filaments to firmware, from video cable to 10G. Our challenges today include closing the digital divide and connecting all individuals and families across NECTA’s five New England states to the internet. To be successful, we must foster greater broadband adoption and we need to continue to promote collaboration, education and partnership. We will achieve these goals by continuing to bring policymakers and industry partners together to advance the next generation of technology and forge stronger connections.   

Our rebrand would not have been possible without the leadership and wisdom of our Board of Directors. They rolled up their sleeves with us to analyze the best steps forward while constantly thinking ten steps ahead. We undertook a thorough landscape analysis, conducted market research and stakeholder outreach, leaving no stone unturned as we explored who we are and who we want to be. To the NECTA team, Kristin, Dave and Seth, thank you for finding the extra time, when you were already being pulled in many directions, to ensure that our rebrand met this moment.  

To our members, I hope you see your work and accomplishments reflected in NECTA. I hope you feel as represented and energized about our mission, vision and values as I do. Our goal was to bring NECTA’s brand into the 21st century and establish what NECTA stands for, what it does for the public and policymakers, and what it can do for its members – current, past, and future. We hope you see that, too. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss this pivotal moment for our industries, or our new brand, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to using our new brand to create more exciting programming such as our long-running annual Newport, Rhode Island convention, utilizing our fantastic new headquarters in downtown Boston, and beyond.  

Thank you again for your invaluable partnership, tireless advocacy and for continuing to advance our industries.     


Timothy O. Wilkerson  


New England Connectivity and Telecommunications Association (NECTA)