The Future of Superfast Internet: 10G

NECTA members are proud to spearhead the development of next generation 10G platforms that will deliver speeds 10 times faster than today’s one gigabyte residential networks and 100 times faster than what consumers currently experience. Not only does 10G provide faster symmetrical speeds, but also lower latencies, enhanced reliability and better security in a scalable manner. The result of our investments will be life-changing innovations that consumers will be able to use every day.  


Blazing speeds. The capacity for dozens of connected devices. Video with no lag. Meaningful connections developed through shared AR/VR experiences. The ability to reach, meet, teach, work, play, stream, design or heal – from anywhere.  


That’s the future that 10G makes possible. That’s what we are building in our world class broadband infrastructure. 


The cable broadband industry has anticipated consumer demand for better network performance for years and has invested significant effort into laying the groundwork for 10G.  In essence the cable networks that deliver 1G to homes today will scale to 10G over the next few years, incrementally increasing speed and capacity as new innovations make their way to the existing networks. This groundwork, coupled with a massive footprint that covers 85 percent of U.S. households, positions cable broadband providers as the frontrunner to deliver the myriad new immersive digital experiences that will change the way we live. 


Fueled by fiber and with dramatic advances in speed, capacity, reliability and security, the coming revolution in internet service will generate billions in economic output and create hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide. New England is well-positioned to capture those benefits so long as we continue with the smart policies that have made us a nationwide leader internet investment and innovation. 


Why Do We Need The 10G Platform? 

  • Uncompromised Network Reliability 
  • A Safe and Secure Connected Future 
  • 10X Faster Internet Speeds 
  • Low Latency 


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