Since 1961

Since 1961, NECTA has represented the interests of the cable, broadband and telecommunications industries before state and federal regulatory agencies, in the Courts, the Legislatures and before the Congress of the United States.


Founded in 1961 as the Community Television Association of New England and headquartered in Tilton, New Hampshire, the organization was originally formed to promote the interests of the television industry and better serve its customer base. In 1982, the organization rebranded to be the New England Cable Television Association, and in 2004 became the New England Cable & Telecommunications association. During this time New England saw a massive expansion in connectivity as NECTA members worked tirelessly to ensure that the vast majority of individuals and families across the region had access to high-speed broadband and a connection to high-quality video and television content.


As the industries we represent continue to evolve, so does NECTA. In 2022, as NECTA membership continues to expand, NECTA rebranded to become the New England Connectivity and Telecommunications Association. The rebrand came as NECTA begins expanding our membership to represent the next generation of telecommunications and connectivity. From colonial times to the industrial revolution all the way to the dawn of the Internet age, New England has been a hub of progress; NECTA is carrying on that legacy, incorporating new, exciting fields.


Central to the history and future of NECTA is our annual convention. As the host of one of the industry’s longest running and largest annual events, the NECTA Convention showcases the broadband capabilities of today and the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow by bringing together state and federal officials, industry experts, leading television personalities, journalists, technologists, and thought leaders. The first NECTA convention was held in 1968 and since then has included prestigious speakers such as Tip O’Neill, Robert Kraft, George Foreman and Jackie McMullan.


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