Maximizing the Impact of Federal Broadband Funding

Over the last decade, NECTA members have spent billions of dollars building out and increasing the capacity of their networks across New England to get as many homes and businesses connected to high-speed broadband as possible.  Through private investment, innovative public-private partnerships, and investing in individuals and families who need it most, NECTA members are helping close the digital divide, state-by-state.


Ensuring that all homes and businesses have access to broadband networks is an important goal for NECTA and state leaders across New England. In the wake of COVID-19, the federal government has passed legislation that is allocating billions of dollars to states to expand broadband connectivity, and private broadband providers are committed to partnering with state leaders to bridge the remaining connectivity gaps.  To best achieve this goal, targeted measures should be implemented to build in areas where broadband currently does not exist, and to modernize a safety net to help low-income families adopt and afford service.


  • Reach Rural and Unserved Areas: Dedicate funding to communities with no broadband service or areas that won’t get built without government help.


  • Technology Neutral: Do not favor one type of technology or provider over another. Allow every technology that can deliver broadband to unserved communities to compete for federal funding.


  • Future Proof Networks: Ensure networks are future proofed by establishing speed benchmarks that meet consumer needs and demand.