Connecting New England

The New England Connectivity and Telecommunications Association (NECTA) is a nonprofit industry trade association representing internet service providers, television and content creators, and innovative companies in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


We are connecting New England through our members’ world class broadband networks


Since 1961, NECTA has advocated before state legislatures, regulatory agencies, Congress, and other government bodies to advance policy solutions that provide New England residents and businesses with the connectivity and products they deserve. As a trusted voice for the connectivity and telecommunications industries, NECTA drives the public dialogue on evolving and new technologies, creates meaningful partnerships with public and private stakeholders, and serves as a connector for collaboration across industries.


Across Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, NECTA members provide state-of-the-art Internet, video, voice, and wireless offerings as well as cutting-edge products, services, and emerging technologies. Drawing on the region’s history of technological innovation, NECTA members work throughout New England alongside leading connectivity-reliant industries.

Throughout New England, NECTA members:
– Employ approximately 12,000 individuals
– Economic impact is over $18 billion
– Direct & indirect jobs is over 109,000 people


By acting as their voice to New England’s policymakers and the public, NECTA remains true to the values of our membership: trust, collaboration and innovation. We will always advocate for equal access to the technologies and tools that enable individuals, families, and businesses to thrive at home, at work, and throughout every community in New England.

Connecting New England


NECTA serves as the voice, advocate and trusted partner for New England’s broadband, television, and connected technologies ecosystems. We convene member companies and policymakers to enhance the quality of life for New England residents and businesses through sound policymaking and public-private partnerships. NECTA educates and advocates for our members, helping create the public policy and business environments necessary to connect all of New England to the technology and services required to succeed in the 21st century economy.


As the birthplace of history-changing inventions such as the telephone and the Internet, New England has long-served as the engine for global technological advancement. Our vision for New England is one where every individual and family is connected to fast, reliable, and secure access to world-class broadband. It is on that unrivaled digital superhighway, reaching every corner of the region, that the next world-changing breakthroughs will occur. As an inclusive, forward-looking organization, NECTA strives to broaden the companies and sectors we represent and the connected technologies those companies provide.



Creating successful partnerships requires trust. NECTA has spent decades building trust through reliability, accuracy and clarity in our work with policymakers, stakeholders and the public. NECTA’s work is rooted in the best-available data and powered by a collaborative approach to resolving challenges. Trust is also reflected in our members’ commitment to reliability with their products and customer interactions, with their constant innovation and improvements, and how they listen to their customers’ needs.



NECTA connects innovative companies, policymakers, and stakeholders across New England so that they may work together and build consensus on public policy that advances connectivity. Whether through public-private partnerships or cross-industry alliances, NECTA fosters the environment for continued significant investment in infrastructure and new technologies through balanced policymaking and partnerships that improve communities. We embrace new ideas, seek new partners, and find new ways of doing business to better serve our members and enhance our region.



Our member companies are inspired by New England’s unrivaled history of technological breakthroughs and NECTA is driven to making sure that continues. Our members’ deep commitment to the region – which includes multiple headquartered companies makes it possible to deliver cutting edge technologies right here in New England that will shape a future fueled by high-speed broadband networks. NECTA and its members will help build a more connected future by fostering the inherent strengths of the region’s global leadership.